Imagine the possibilities of stay at home work— pajamas, endless coffee, kids in the background, working on preferred hours, sipping martini, and many more. So if you are on the verge of making a big decision in your life: whether it’s to stay at home to work or to continue your office job, we will give you many reasons why staying at home to work is the biggest development of the new millennium!

Work anywhere, anytime! The greatest perk of stay at home work is that you can do the job anywhere you like. Be it at the comfort of your bedroom or even under the sunny sky of Malibu, you are free to do so! What is even better is that working from home does not mean you have sit at a cluttered desk in the corner of a dark and dreary room. The choice is yours! You can even use the kitchen breakfast bar as your table.

Your office could be anywhere. Whoever say that stay at home work means you’ll be tied to your home is missing the big point of working remotely. It does not even mean that your daily routine would only include driving from the coffee shop to your house. Just as long as you can be connected to the internet, you can work anywhere. In fact, many online workers enjoy working while travelling (yes, inside the car!).

Save money from petrol expenses and office attires. You no longer need to buy expensive suits and shoes just to look presentable at work because stay at home work will allow you to do the job even in your pajamas! Plus, you do not have to deal with expensive hair treatment because no one will gossip about your unmanageable buns. Moreover, you will save huge cash from buying your lunch because you can easily whip up something magical at home. Coffee? There is no need for Starbucks because your coffee maker can do the job for you.

You can stay more focused. While it is common for new home workers to be distracted by almost anything inside the house— the TV show, the pile of laundry, etc. but through commitment and effective routine, you will be able to overcome these temporary setbacks. You will be able to control your work habit better at home since you do not have to worry about socializing when you want a cup of coffee and no one will be coming to you ask some quick questions that end up as very long conversations.

Best of all, you can avoid office politics. Sad to say, you cannot choose your coworkers. You need to deal with them whether you like it or not. Because hanging around during break time is not something that remote workers can do, then you will be able to skip the draining work of gossiping with your coworker. And the best bonus is, they won’t have to gossip about you as well.